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Automatic Conditional Retina Images Shared this on Twitter over a year ago (!), forgot about it, then needed it recently and had no idea where I had posted it. JavaScript + mod_rewrite = @2x. For posterity. Permalink

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iOS Sticky :hover Fix Tweeted this a while back but every once in a while someone asks for this link so, for posterity! Permalink

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Accessibility Black Hole Looks like the aforementioned Chrome Frame isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. The internet once again confirms, reality is the greatest killjoy. (via)  Permalink

On Google Chrome Frame Jim Ray digs into Google’s new browser-in-a-plugin for Internet Explorer. Subversive. Delightfully subversive. Permalink

Thin is Still In Steve Smith finds a replacement for thinning Safari text on Snow Leopard. Permalink

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