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Presence, Products and Play Launched a new homepage earlier this morning as the Mimeoverse wasn’t properly represented on the previous version. (Spacebar and arrow keys still control the music player.) Permalink

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The Shortwave Webclip Now you can add Shortwave to your iPhone/iPod touch home screen. The sole caveat—that a webclip is a standard bookmark so the JavaScript prompt is requested from the server rather than stored locally, eliminating one benefit of Shortwave—might not even be an issue for iPod touch and iPhone 3G users. (If you get the JavaScript prompt just hit “Cancel” and wait a few seconds.) Permalink

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Shortwave Firefox Search Plugin While Safari allows you to access individual Bookmarks Bar items with Apple + [1-9] keyboard shortcuts Firefox sadly does not offer an analog. So Brendan Borlase created a Search Plugin that passes commands to Shortwave. The best part? Apple + K focuses the search field for mouse-free Shortwave surfing in Firefox too. Permalink

Shortwave for the paranoid Uses a self-hosted JavaScript file as opposed to a plain text file to avoid passing through I would have called it “Tinfoil Hat.” Permalink

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